2nd Eastern Partnership E-Democracy conference

Digitalisation and Transformation:
Effects on Democracy

22 November 2019 | L'viv, Ukraine

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Draft version of event's agenda is available here.


  • From Government as a Platform to E-DEMOCRACY. Presentation by Dr. Robert Krimmer download
  • Development Path of Digital Georgia. Presentation by Dimitri Gugunava download
  • e-Governance: enabling the reinvention of democracy. Presentation by Cornelia Amihalachioae download

  • Is Data The New Oil? Presentation by Andy Williamson download
  • Few years from nothing to everything online. Presentation by Victor Guzun download

  • Tallinn University of Technology. Presentation by Dr. Archil Chochia download
  • Are we on the brink of a … Presentation by Volodymyr Saviak download
  • Should we control digitization?  Presentation by Arevik Avoyan download


Photo album of the event is available here.