Autumn Digital EU4Energy Week for EaP Universities 2023

2-6 October 2023 / Online Event

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Virtual Event FAQ

The above event is co-organised and financed by the European Commission - DG NEAR within the framework of the ENI East Instrument.



In order to facilitate the smooth running of the event, we kindly request that all speakers send their PowerPoint presentations and/or videos to the email provided below no later than two days before the event.

We kindly ask all speakers to log in to the ZOOM meeting 30 minutes before the scheduled intervention to perform final audio and video checks.

If necessary please contact Ms Eleni Fedorova to schedule a brief training session before the event.  



To participate in the event, you will need to have access to the ZOOM meeting tool.

Please visit the ZOOM help center in case you need additional information or check a short technical instructions manual.

Run a quick test meeting to get comfortable on camera, check your audio and video so you can be heard and seen perfectly.



It is advised to wear business attire, avoiding flashy colors fabric with patterns (dots, stripes etc.).



To ensure an optimal experience for all participants, we kindly request that you choose a distraction-free environment for the ZOOM meeting. Please make sure to mute any background noise, including televisions, mobile phones, and landlines.

For the best appearance on camera, please choose a light-colored, uniform background, and ensure that your face is well-lit, avoiding any backlighting.